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words: Lucio Cavazzoni

A passage from the story published in Dispensa n. 12, December 2020

In Greek, philia means friendship, connection. Love. Today, it is a paradigm that is influencing many businesses and businesspeople to take a new, more far-sighted approach to their local territory and work for the well-being of the community. Businesses and businesspeople who feel the urgency to act, to change, to contribute to the prosperity of all. This is what new businesses need today, beginning with those in agriculture. To become a part of the social fabric, to participate in a new strategy of change in which the protagonist is not so much the supply chain, understood as the commercial activities involved in producing a certain product, but the territory as a whole. A supply chain that becomes philia, a new strategic outlook for those who aim to overcome the limitations of revenue-centric thinking and assign value to prosperity, rather than mere economic growth. It’s a matter of creating alliances that once seemed impossible, of defining a new vision in opposition to the tired competitive need to “win.” Of facilitating, through respect, transparency, and openness, a “new blooming of everything,” in spring and beyond.