Together with the farmers of Mediterraneo Futuro

The project

Mediterraneo Futuro is a project of Mediterranean farmers who identify themselves not only with legality but also with the prosperity of their territories.

For the Mediterraneo Futuro

A growing part of the agricultural and economic world has decided to take action to distance itself from practices spread throughout Italy and Europe that violate the rights of workers, the environment and living beings, expressing its willingness to fight agro-criminals and build alternative economic paths. Small and medium-sized agricultural and agro-industrial enterprises that are increasing in number but also in their capacity, including creativity and connectivity, and make the value of the product they produce coincide with the value of their territory.


This is one of the best responses to agromafias and caporalism in all their forms and speculative perversions.


Our tomatoes are thus a tribute and a contribution to a Mediterranean that has a future, and for this reason they bear the Mediterraneo Futuro logo. A Mediterranean that is what we want it to be. There are many young farmers who contribute to building it as businesses, communities, and networks that help each other and build links.

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