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Herbal Tea Mix 6 Remedium

Remedium, from the Latin “remedy, medicine, help”. The Remedia by Wilden are functional herbal teas created to offer a delicious daily support on every occasion. This line of product comes after careful research, selection and experimentation. Our aim is to create an infusion that is well balanced in flavor and beneficial to the body. Wilden Remedia herbal teas, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a tasty, varied and well-balanced diet, are ideal to take good care of yourself.

18 Bags
n. 3 Remedium 0 – Morning
n. 3 Remedium 1 – Night
n. 3 Remedium 2 – Boost
n. 3 Remedium 3 – Digestive
n. 3 Remedium 4 – Hangover
n. 3 Remedium 5 – Focus



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