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Organic Brown Baldo Rice

Baldo rice has large and clear grains that absorb all kinds of sauces. It is suitable for all preparations.

1 kg pack.

This product is part of our project ‘For biodiversity and reforestation’.


Informazioni sul prodotto
  • Place of cultivation

    Pavia, Vercelli and Biella, Italy

  • Involved farmers

    Noi Amici della Terra, 14 rice farms that share solidarity, transparency, honesty, respect for the environment and the value of work.

  • Production place

    Riseria Martinotti Giuseppe s.r.l. Via Trieste, 6 - Trino (VC) Italia

  • Ingredients

    Riso Baldo from organic agriculture.

  • Conservation methods

    Store in a cool, dry place

Average nutritional values per 100 g
  • Energy:

    1546 kJ / 365 kcal

  • Fat:

    1,9 g

    of which saturates:

    0,5 g

  • Carbohydrate:

    77,4 g

    of which sugars:

    1,2 g

  • Fibre:

    4,0 g

  • Protein:

    7,5 g

  • Salt:

    0,03 g

Il progetto

What do you mean by saying that with baldo brown rice you also plant different kind of trees?

By planting trees, reforestation helps to take care of biodiversity. The variety of species we protect includes trees, birds, amphibia, butterflies and small mammals.

Each of our products is a project.

Reforestation in agricultural and urban areas is one of the most important strategies to combat climate change and the erosion of biodiversity. With Noi Amici della Terra business network, which unites rice growers in the provinces of Pavia, Vercelli and Biella, we have put biodiversity and planting trees in rice fields at the center.

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