What we do

Who meets good land is a producer, supporter, customer or partner who act to change. These stakeholders act to:


– Create economies by enhancing the value of agricultural products useful for human health and the environment


– Fight the abandonment of land from the Apennines to the Alpine areas and the inland areas of the country as well as to create good employment


– Fight climate change through the protection and implementation of biodiversity and the planting of forests.


– Create products accessible to most people also through the construction of an active community of users involved in the projects.


– Privilege and support the small and medium agricultural and agri-food enterprises that live and protect the territory and stand out for the quality of their ecological management and protection.


– Adopt innovative technologies widespread in the territories for production, transformation and quality control, which create opportunities for a new valorization of distinctive specificity and healthiness.


Good land is a community that unites.

Business and food

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We create new food products

We design, develop and market new food products that emerge from a supply approach with a strong positive impact on the welfare of the community and of the territory. Specifically, we engage in identifying and assessing competitors, brand strategies and trade channels, and in innovating the relationship between the producer and the end-user with the aim of reducing intermediaries and recurring costs.


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We contribute to the development of enterprises and to the restoration agricultural economies

We nurture enterprises, and agricultural and agri-food economies, with particular attention to food, territories and communities.


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We design business models

We design organisational, operational and economic models which are able to create strong environmental and social impacts.


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We develop research

We implement research projects into the texture and enhancement of ‘sleeping’ land assets and on the most relevant reuse practices.


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We design housing models

We design housing models able to conjugate space-sharing with mobility, consumption reduction and the production of goods and social relations.